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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Gregoire Besson re-launch new cultivator at LAMMA 2011

Gregoire Besson will exhibit its revised Combimix one pass stubble cultivator, aimed at small to medium sized farms, at LAMMA. The min-till Combimix is designed for use with medium to high horsepower tractors and combines tines, discs and a packer in one mounted unit. The principal changes are to the weight, reduced by over 400kg, and a choice of a 15 ring or 20 ring packer, to allow for different soil types.

Other changes include a closer coupled hitch point, with 3 point linkage and the packer is closer to the discs. Both changes help reduce the weight of the Combimix. The tine brackets have been changed to facilitate easier adjustment and there is a longer, more efficient soil deflector .

The Combimix has a working width of 2.9m and transport width of 3m. It features a hydraulically controlled packer that is capable of being folded on top of the machine for ease of transport; this allows the Combimix to be used on smaller hp tractors from just 150hp.

Up front is a row of 5 tines to loosen soil below the pan to a maximum depth of 14 inches – depending on the tine selected. Choice of tines includes Michel ‘Heliplow’, standard Discordon, Eurocult or straight subsoiler and fixing choices include shear bolt, spring loaded or hydraulic auto reset.

Secondly an independently-mounted double row of 575mm discs, with 2 discs mounted per bearing for improved traction, chop, cultivate and mix trash residue. The discs have a spacing of 23cm and create a level tilth ready for the packer.

The final stage is a 15 or 20 ring packer which consolidates the ground to leave a level seedbed. As standard, the Combimix features a new 'Emopak F' roller with V Profile which is based on the standard 745mm Emopak but which offers better consolidation from a lighter weight. A 600mmm Crumbler roller for dry, cloddy soils or 540mm Diamond roller for sticky soils are also available as options.

The Combimix is available from £21,000


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